Everything You Wanted to Know About Costa Rican Property Taxes

Everything You Wanted to Know About Costa Rica Property Taxes In Costa Rica property taxes are generally low compared to many other countries around the world.  How is the tax base valuation established to determine the property tax that is due ?   In Costa Rica the Property Tax Law k
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Easements in Costa Rica

Easements in Costa Rica Easements in Costa Rica are generally regulated by the Civil Code of Costa Rica.  An easement is a right created in favor of one person or entity either by an express written agreement or by an implied agreement. What does an easement allow you to do ? It allow
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Costa Rica Real Estate Closing Costs

Real Estate Calculator

Real Estate Closing Costs Calculator Calculate the real estate closing costs for a property in Costa Rica using our closing costs calculator below. Costa Rica has an established fee schedule for closing costs. The fees and transaction costs are based upon a percentage of the value of
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I Survived A Condominium HOA Meeting in Costa Rica

I Survived a Condo Home Owner Association Meeting in Costa Rica I was asked by a friend to accompany him to the annual meeting of the Home Owner Association (HOA) in the condominium building where he resides.  After more than eight hours of debates and compromise and witnessing the fu
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Costa Rica Online Access to Public Records at the National Registry

Costa Rica Public Records Access Online from the National Registry. In this article I will go over the procedure to conduct an online public records search in the National Registry of Costa Rica. You can access the National Registry of Costa Rica at http://rnpdigital.com When you ente
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Costa Rica Property Title Monitoring System

Costa Rica Property Title Monitoring System Most of us are aware of companies that offer Alarm detection and monitoring systems to protect our homes  or business from burglary and home invasions. However in Costa Rica the problem of actual property theft by organized criminal gangs th
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Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in Costa Rica

Using Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Purchase Property in Costa Rica   Many people are unaware that they can transfer their IRA funds to a Self Directed IRA custodian which then would allow them to invest those funds in Costa Rican real estate.   Choosing an investme
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Costa Rica Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure Process in Costa Rica

What is the Mortgage Foreclosure Process in Costa Rica ? If you borrow money in Costa Rica the lender will record a mortgage on your property known as an “Hipoteca”.   If you fail to pay the mortgage lender they have the right to initiate a mortgage foreclosure process to
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Law Proposed to Cancel Fraudulent Deeds in Costa Rica

How to deal with property fraud in Costa Rica.  Cancel fraudulent deeds in Costa Rica administratively. A new legislative bill that is being introduced in the Costa Rican Legislature is aimed at resolving the inequities caused by fraudulent property transfers in Costa Rica.   If a pro
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Costa Rica Real Estate Survey

Costa Rica Real Estate Market Outlook for 2017

What does the Costa Rica Real Estate market look like for 2017 ? We were curious to see what the local real estate service providers were thinking.   To ask the question a survey was prepared in both English and Spanish and it was circulated among the Real Estate service providers in
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Costa Rica Indirect Transfer Tax

Costa Rica Taxes Indirect Property Transfers

Costa Rica taxes indirect property transfers.  The Costa Rican Legislature passed the law titled Ley de Fortalecimiento de la Gestión Tributaria, Ley No. 9069. This law modifies the existing law on real estate transfer taxes (Ley de Impuesto Sobre el Traspaso de Bienes Inmuebles Ley N
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Consumer Protection Costa Rica

Consumer Protection Law Expanded to Cover Real Estate Sales

By way of executive decree number DE-35548 the Consumer Protection Law of Costa Rica was updated to include contracts for future sales of real estate property. Under the new law developers that wish to offer pre-construction sales contracts will have to demonstrate their financial cap
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