International Living Global Retirement Index Costa Rica

International Living has been ranking foreign retirement destinations for years.   In the 2016 Global Retirement Index International Living compared the following variables to come up with the 2016 rankings. 1. Buying & Renting, 2. Benefits & Discounts, 3. Visas and Residence,
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Costa Rica Labor Law

Costa Rica Labor Law in a Nutshell

Costa Rica Labor Law in a Nutshell will help you understand the ins and out of Costa Rica labor laws. The Labor Law in Costa Rica can affect us all.   If you hire an employee in Costa Rica you will need to know some aspects of Costa Rica labor law to ensure you stay out of trouble.  I
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Baby Boomers in Costa Rica

Baby Boomers a National Priority

During the administration of President Oscar Arias the Costa Rican government declared that Baby Boomers were a national priority for Costa Rica.  What happened to this initiative ?    Politics got in the way.  Under the proposal of former President Oscar Arias the Executive Decree th
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What should my monthly income be in order to live comfortably ?

 What should my monthly income be in order to live comfortably ?   It’s difficult to answer this question since there are so many variables to that equation such as your lifestyle (type of car you drive, where you choose to live, do you eat out a lot, etc.).  But this i
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How much should I tip?

  How much should I tip? By law a 10% gratuity tip for service is automatically added to your bill by restaurants so tipping is already figured into your final bill.  It is customary to tip an additional 5% if the service is very good. A decent tip for baggage handlers at ai
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