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University Education in Costa Rica

 University Education in Costa Rica is divided between Public Universities which are funded by the Costa Rican government and Private Universities which are privately owned and operated. In Costa Rica there are four public universities:

Universidad de Costa Rica [UCR] with 35,000 students.

Universidad Nacional [UNA] with 13,500 students

Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica [TEC] with 6,800 students

Universidad Estatal a Distancia [UNED] with 20,000 students

The cost of Public Education in Costa Rica set forth below


Name of University Tuition Per Credit Approx Cost 120 Credit Hr Bachelor Degree
University of Costa Rica US$ 21.11 US$ 2,533
Universidad Nacional US$ 16.27 US$ 1,766
Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica US$ 5.98 US$ 2,172
Universidad Estatal a Distancia US$ 57.17 US$ 2,303


As to the private universities in Costa Rica there are currently 51 universities which are licensed and approved by the CONESUP. The CONESUP (Consejo Nacional de Educacion Superior Universitaria Privada) is a Costa Rican government agency which falls under the direction of the Costa Rican Ministry of Education and is charged with the oversight and licensing of private universities in Costa Rica.

In the private university system the tuition is based on a per course cost. The costs can range anywhere from $81 a course to $600 a course for some of the medical school programs. The average is probably around $200 a course.

Some of the Universities on the list offer various degree and career options while over Universities are specific to a single career option such as the following:

Tourism at Universidad del Turismo

Law at the Escuela Libre de Derecho

Medicine at the UCIMED

Design at the University of Design

The complete list of Private Universities authorized in Costa Rica is set forth below:

Autónoma De Centroamérica

Internacional De Las Américas

Adventista De Centroamérica

Latinoamericana De Ciencia Y Tecnología


Latina De Costa Rica

Latina De Heredia



De San José

Evangélica De Las Américas

Libre De Costa Rica

Del Diseño


Braulio Carrillo

Para La Cooperación Internacional



De La Salle

De Iberoamérica

De Cartago Florencio Del Castillo

Federada De Costa Rica

Isaac Newton

De Ciencias Administrativas San Marcos

San Juan De La Cruz


Del Turismo

Juan Pablo II

Escuela Libre De Derecho

Metropolitana Castro Carazo

Independiente De Costa Rica

De Ciencias Empresariales

Bíblica Latinoamericana

De Las Ciencias Y El Arte De Costa Rica

Internacional San Isidro Labrador


Empresarial de Costa Rica

Del Valle

Cristiana Del Sur

Católica De Costa Rica

Tecnológica Costarricense

Continental De Las Ciencias Y Las Artes

De Ciencias Médicas

Fundepos Alma Mater

Cristiana Internacional


Centroamericana De Ciencias Sociales

Santa Paula


Teológica De América Central

If you want more information of approved universities in Costa Rica visit the website of the Ministry of Education of Costa Rica.  The list of universities approved by Conesup is listed below.





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