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Stone Mountain Outdoors Costa Rica

Stone Mountain Outdoors is your outfitter for discovering Costa Rica.

Art Depot

The most complete art supply store in Costa Rica

The Legal Guide to Costa Rica

The Legal Guide to Costa Rica is the most comprehensive book on Costa Rican law.

The P Law Group

We Think Like You Do ! Costa Rica Legal Services

Crime Statistics for Costa Rica

The Costa Rica Judicial Investigative Police known as the O.I.J. which is the criminal investigative branch of the Costa Rica government has made crime statistics available on their website.  You visit the statistics section where you can search for crime statistics for murder, robbery, assault, and theft.



You can search by way of a calender and input the dates for which you are looking for and the database will produce a graphical report with the reported crimes.  The examples below are for murders occurring October 1st to December 31st of 2014.



This example below is for murders by province of Costa Rica for the year 2014.

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