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All About Paid Vacations in Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Labor Code (Codigo de Trabajo) stipulates that an Employer must provide vacation time to their Employee once that Employee has worked at least 50 weeks.   Once that threshold is reached the Employee is entitled to 2 weeks paid vacation.   However, it is up to the Employer to decide when it is the best time for their Employees to take that mandatory vacation time and notify them of the selected vacation period.  The Employer should note that the burden of proof in any labor dispute will be against the Employer – it is the Employer that will have to demonstrate that the Employee actually took the mandatory vacation.

To calculate the vacation pay the Employer must take into account the average wage (include regular wage plus any overtime pay) earned during the previous 50 week of employment. This is the amount the Employee must be paid.

The mandatory vacation pay discussed above is separate from any additional pay that the Employee is entitled to due to an official government holiday.   The Costa Rican government recognizes several paid holidays which are set forth in the chart below.  

Date Event  
January 1st New Years Day Mandatory Paid Vacation
April 11th Juan Santamaria Day Mandatory Paid Vacation
Easter Thursday Easter Mandatory Paid Vacation
Easter Friday Easter Mandatory Paid Vacation
May 1st Labor Day Mandatory Paid Vacation
July 25th Anexation of Guancaste Mandatory Paid Vacation
August 2nd Virgin of Los Angeles Vacation (not paid)
August 15th Mothers Day Mandatory Paid Vacation
September 15th Independence Day Mandatory Paid Vacation
October 12th Cultural Day Vacation (not paid)
December 25th Christmas Mandatory Paid Vacation


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