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Can a Foreigner Incorporate in Costa Rica ?

Can a Foreigner Incorporate a company in Costa Rica?

Yes, a citizen of any country may incorporate a company in Costa Rica. To form a corporation in Costa Rica the Commercial Code of Costa Rica that regulates corporate formation  requires at least two incorporators to appear before a Costa Rican Notary Public to execute the articles of incorporation.

What must the articles of incorporation include ?

The articles of incorporation must include the following :

  1. the date and place of formation,
  2. complete identification of each of the incorporators including nationality and identity or passport number,
  3. the corporate name,
  4. the corporate purpose,
  5. the duration of the corporate term,
  6. the capital stock of the company,
  7. the capital contribution by the shareholders,
  8. the legal domicile of the company,
  9. the board of directors (at least a president, secretary and treasurer),
  10. an enumeration of powers of the directors,
  11. a statement as to the allocation of profit and loss,
  12. a statement as to how the company would be dissolved, and
  13. the name of a resident agent, who must be a Costa Rican Attorney.

With all the information provided to the Notary Public they can then record the articles of incorporation for you.   Corporations can be formed by a Notary Public using the Crear Empresa digital platform which means the corporation can be ready for use in just a  couple of days.

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