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Costa Rica Property and Luxury Home Tax E-Book

by rpetersen

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Are you a property owner in Costa Rica ? Do you intend to purchase property in Costa Rica in the future ? This book is a must for you ! Learn how the local government calculates, collects and spends the property taxes in Costa Rica.
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Luxury Home TaxDid you know that the Costa Rican government imposes a Luxury Home Tax on certain properties. The Luxury Tax applies for properties above $245,000 – Does the law apply to you ? How much do you have to pay ? How do I file ? – The answer to your questions are all contained in this easy to read and concise book. The book has direct links to government land valuation maps for Costa Rica, construction valuation manuals, directory of municipal governments of Costa Rica, property tax and luxury home tax filing forms and much more …..

This book was prepared by Roger Petersen an Attorney at Law in Costa Rica, author of the best selling book The Legal Guide to Costa Rica.

Note:  This edition is from 2014.  The filing format for the Luxury Home tax has undergone some changes.  The method in which the tax is calculated has not changed.

The Table of Contents for the book is set forth below:



The Property Tax Rate
How is the Tax Basis Established
re there Exemptions for Property Taxes
How are the Property Taxes Spent


The Tax Rate
What Form Does The Property Owner File
Form D-179 In Detail
The Annex to Form D-179 – Establishing the Values of your Construction
What Are the Valuation Tables That Must Be Used

A. Manual of Unitary Base Values Based Upon Type of Construction
B. The Land Valuation Tables

Putting the Values Together
Filing the Forms Online
What are the Penalties

A. Failure to File the Declaration Form.

Appendix A – Full Text of the Luxury Tax Law in English
Appendix B. Laws, Maps, Forms and More …..

This Guide to Property Taxes and the New Luxury Tax in Costa Rica was developed by Lic. Roger Petersen an Attorney in San Jose, Costa Rica with extensive experience in property matters and the author of the best selling book The Legal Guide to Costa Rica.

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