Costa Rica Tourism Guide 1940

Costa Rica in 1940 ?  Yes.  You are reading correctly Costa Rica in 1940 !   I recently had the opportunity to discover older books I had in storage and came across the “Costa Rica’s Guide” for 1940 which was actually published in October of 1939. At the time the population of Costa R
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Baby Boomers in Costa Rica

Baby Boomers a National Priority

Baby Boomers in Costa Rica During the administration of President Oscar Arias the Costa Rican government declared that Baby Boomers were a national priority for Costa Rica.  What happened to this initiative ?   Politics got in the way. Under the “National Priority” proposa
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The Costa Rica National Chamber of Tourism

The National Chamber of Toruism of Costa Rica known as CANATUR (Cámara Nacional de Turismo de Costa Rica) is a non-profit organization that was founded in 1974 in order to promote tourism in Costa Rica.   The members of CANATUR ar the private enterprises that work in the tou
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