Working in Costa Rica

Can I Legally Work in Costa Rica ?

Can I Legally Work in Costa Rica ? This is the most often asked question that we receive.   Not all of you are going to like the answer.   Costa Rica is very protective of its local labor force and therefore the laws favor the hiring of local Costa Rican workers as opposed to foreign
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Jobs in Costa Rica

  Costa Rica was able to maintain a stable employment market during the last two years (2010-2011) with an official unemployment rate of 7.3%. Certain sectors of the economy have been harder hit then others. The hardest hit have been the construction and real estate sector follow
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Costa Rica has Jobs for Bi-Lingual persons

  Costa Rica has jobs for Bi-lingual Persons Costa Rica recently held the Bilingual Job Fair sponsored by CINDE the Coalition for Investment and Development Agency of Costa Rica. The following corporations with presence in Costa Rica participated in the event Ace Global, Aegis, A
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