How Much Does it Cost to Open Probate in Costa Rica ?

How Much Does it Cost to Open Probate in Costa Rica ? When a loved one has passed away and has assets located in Costa Rica you may find yourself looking for legal advice on the probate process in Costa Rica. The first question most of you ask me is how much does it cost to open proba
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Probate of a Foreign Will in Costa Rica

Probate of a foreign will in Costa Rica Is your foreign will valid in Costa Rica ? It is increasingly common to find a situation where a citizen of one country has a will drafted in their home country but they have also acquired real estate and other assets in Costa Rica.   What happe
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Costa Rica Last Will and Testament

Costa Rican Will

Do I need a Costa Rican Will ?  It is a good idea from an estate planning point of view to have a local Costa Rican Will to cover your assets and property located in Costa Rica.  This makes the probate process much simpler then having to probate a foreign Will in Costa Rica.   You can
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Will in Costa Rica

Drafting a Simple Will in Costa Rica

Wills in Costa Rica are governed by the Costa Rican Civil Code. In the form below I have set forth the content of a standard will. This is the english translation of a simple will that complies with Costa Rican Law. This type of Will is known as a Testamento Abierto because the will i
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Preparing a Costa Rican Will

    The Costa Rican Civil Code sets forth the requirements for drafting a valid Will in Costa Rica.   If the Will is drafted in accordance with the required legal formalities then it will direct the disposition of a persons property at their death.  The most c
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Estate Planning For Canadians Living in Costa Rica

Questions arise from time to time, as to the enforceability of a Canadian drawn Will, with respect to Costa Rica assets and other questions as to general estate planning in Costa Rica. The simple answer with respect to the Canadian drawn Will, is that as long as it complies with the f
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