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Real Estate Calculator

by rpetersen

Real Estate Closing Costs Calculator

Calculate the real estate closing costs for a property in Costa Rica using our real estate calculator below.

Costa Rica has an established fee schedule for closing costs. The fees and transaction costs are based upon a percentage of the value of the transaction.

How to use the Real Estate Calculator

The items you will need to input into the real estate calculator are:

1. The current exchange rate between the Costa Rican Colon and the US Dollar.  To see the current exchange rate you can click on the link to the Costa Rica Central Bank exchange rate section here.
2. Enter the SALES PRICE in dollars of the property you are purchasing.
3. REGISTERED VALUE OF THE PROPERTY. This entry needs to be entered in COLONES.  If you want the calculator to give the closing costs based upon the sales price you are paying for the property then enter the SALES PRICE again in this box in COLONES. If you are using a different valuation to calculate the tax basis then enter that amount in COLONES.

Once you have all 3 fields above completed the calculator will give you the closing costs to transfer the property from a Seller to a Buyer.


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