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Lifting Hands is making a difference in Los Anonos

by rpetersen

I recently had the opportunity to meet Diana Madrigal, the founder of the Lifting Hands Foundation at their educational center located below the Anonos bridge which divides the city of San Jose and Escazú. This area known as “El bajo de los Anonos” is a pocket of poverty and hardship at the edge ofLH_5 one of the most affluent cities in Costa Rica, Escazú.

LH_2In a very short time this non-profit foundation is teaching and mentoring 200 children from the improvished zones of “El bajo de los Anonos”.   The mission of lifting hands is to improve the level of education in improvished communities using committed volunteers.  The foundation currently has 80 volunteers who agree to contribute 1 hour per week for a 4 month period which is the typical duration of the courses taught at Lifting Hands.   The program has been so succesful that it is running out  of physical space due to the high demand for its educational programs.

Lifting Hands Bajo de los Anonos

Lifting Hands Volunteers

The goal of the Lifting Hands educational program is to enhance the academic performance of school aged children and provide after school recreation opportunities.  Lifting Hands fullfils this need by creating a fun and motivating learning center with volunteers that are passionate about sharing their knowledge.  The children recieve classes for English, computers, math and specialized tutoring from a group of very passionate and committed volunteers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.14.26 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.15.05 PMLifting Hands depends on volunteers and donations from all of us.  If you are interested in helping and contributing with Lifting Hands you can reach out to them at 506-6042-8000 with either Mariana Espinoza or Mariola Fumero.  The website for the Lifting Hands Foundation  is http://liftinghands.org or via Facebook.