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How do I Obtain a Construction Permit ?

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How do I obtain a construction permit for a house?


The law requires that the application for a construction permit be presented by a licensed architect or engineer, to the municipality where the property to be built on is located. Prior to submitting a application, municipal zoning for the property should be checked, a determination that basic services such as water, electricity and telephone are available, and insure that there are no restrictions placed on the property, which would deny the issuance of a construction permit.

To determine if such restrictions exist, the registered title, in the National Registry, would need to be reviewed, as well as checking with a number of other Government agencies, who may have statutory authority to restrict development.

For a serviced residential lot, you will need:

1.      Architectural blueprints

2.      An electrical plan

3.      Each of the above should be appropriately endorsed and filed with the “Costa Rican Association of Engineers and Architects”, along with their standard consulting agreement

4.      Filing the construction plans with the appropriate municipality, along with the completed construction permit application

5.      A worker’s compensation policy from the National Insurance Institute

6.      A certified copy of the property survey map

 7.      Three copies of the construction plans

8.      A municipal certification that all property taxes and assessments are current9.      An approval from the water company (AyA), regarding the availability of water where the home is to be built.