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Income Tax Rates for 2010 Fiscal Year

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Costa Rica Income Tax Rates for 2010 Fiscal Year

The Fiscal year in Costa Rican ends on September 30, 2010.  All Costa Rican tax returns are due by December 15, 2010.  The tax obligation threshold varies each fiscal year.  The information contained below is the published tax rates for the Fiscal Year ending September 30, 2010 as published by the Ministry of the Treasury of Costa Rica.   The applicable tax form for income taxes is the D-101 Form.

1.  Individuals with a Business Activity.

This tax rate applies to individuals who carry out a business or trade on their own as self employed individuals.



Net Income Amount


Tax Rate

(October 2009 to September 2010)

Up to ¢2.747.000

No Tax (Exempt)


Excess of  ¢2.747.000

Up to  ¢4,102.000




On the Excess of  ¢4,102.000

Up to ¢6.843.000




On the Excess of  ¢6.843.000

Up to ¢13,713.000





On the Excess of  ¢13,713.000



2.  Calculations for Corporations

 If you operate as a corporation then you will be subject to the following tax rates.  The calculation is a two (2) step process.  First you determine the Gross Income of the corporation.  The Gross income will determine the applicable tax rate according to the tax rate set forth below.    However, the second step once you have your tax rate is to calculate the tax by multiplying the rate by your Net Income.   




Gross  Income


Tax Rate

(october 2009 to September  2010)



Up to  ¢41,112,000




Up to ¢82,698,000




In Excess of  ¢82,698,000




To calculate the actual tax :  1-  Establish your tax rate based on Gross Income
2.   Use the Tax Rate X   Net Income        =     Tax Due


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