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Preparing a Costa Rican Will

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The Costa Rican Civil Code sets forth the requirements for drafting a valid Will in Costa Rica.   If the Will is drafted in accordance with the required legal formalities then it will direct the disposition of a persons property at their death.  The most common form of Will in Costa Rica is the Notarized Will.   This Notarized Will must be drafted in Spanish and is generally drafted by your Attorney and must be signed in the presence of the Notary Public and at least 3 witnesses.  If you do not read Spanish then the the will must also be signed by at least  2 other  witnesses who can translate the will for you.   A Will can also be executed without a Notary Public if it  is hand written by the testator and witnessed by at least 4 witnesses.   If it is not handwritten by the testator then 6 witnesses must attest to the Will.



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