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Costa Rica has Jobs for Bi-Lingual persons


Costa Rica has jobs for Bi-lingual Persons Costa Rica recently held the Bilingual Job Fair sponsored by CINDE the Coalition for Investment and Development Agency of Costa Rica. The following corporations with presence in Costa Rica participated in the event Ace Global, Aegis, Akamai, Amazon, Amba, Amway, APL, Auxis, avVenta, Bank of America, BASF, BASS, Baxter, Boston Scientific, Carlson Wagonlint Travel, Citi, Concentrix, Convergys, Covidien, Curtiss Wright, Dell, Deloitte, DO Gestión de Talento, Dole, Emerson, Ernst & Young, Experian, First Data, Fiserv, Grupo Bimbo, Grupo STT, Hospira, HP, IBM, Idioma Internacional, Language Line, Manpower, National Instruments, Pacific Interpreters, People Strategy, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, St. Jude Medical, Startek, Sykes, Teleperformance, Thomson Reuters, Trade Station, Ulacit, Latina, UAM, Unilever, VMWare, Volcano, Western Union, Wizard, WNS.
There were 13,000 participants in the event and many found employment at the fair. IBM alone is looking to hire several hundred employees by 2014. So yes – if you are bi-lingual the job prospects in Costa Rica look good.


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