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Costa Rica Minimum Wage List – What are minimum wages in Costa Rica ?

by rpetersen

The Ministry of Labor of Costa Rica publishes the minimum wage list for 2023.  Effective from January 1st, the Executive Decree No. 43849-MTSS was published in the Gazette No. 245, which defines the minimum wages that private sector workers must receive, depending on their level of specialization and the functions and tasks they perform during 2023.

 The general percentage increase decreed this time was 6.62%.

Who is subject to this wage increase ?

The workers who will benefit from this salary increase are:

  • Those who belong to the private sector and currently receive the minimum wage, in accordance with their category.
  • Those who have agreed with the company that the increase will be recognized to them, even if their salary is higher than what is decreed by law.

What are the Minimum Wages in Costa Rica ?

The wage scale uses the following codes to identify the type of worker:

TONC= Unskilled Worker     c 11.009.97

TOSC = Semi-skilled Worker c 11.972.54

TOC = Skilled Worker           c 12.289.59

TOE = Specialized Worker    c 14,381.27

TES = Specialized Superior Worker c 22.318.26

TONCG = Generic Unskilled Worker  c 330.299.26

TOSCG = Generic Semi-skilled Worker c 356.329.60

TOCG= Generic Skilled Worker c 371.610.27

TMED= Medium Technical Education Diversified  c 389.421.08

TOEG = Generic Specialized Worker  421.970.02

TEdS = Higher Education Technician  479.918.65

DES = Higher Education Diploma  518.330.07

BACH = Bachelor’s Degree  587.908.98

LIC = University Graduate  705.514.95

Based on the minimum wage scale passed the following is a breakdown of all the different categories and wages established for 2023.  You download the full list published by the Ministry of Labor here:  Decreto de Salarios Minimos 2023  LISTA DE SALARIOS MINIMOS ANO 2023

Parking Attendant (not a driver). Unskilled Worker. c 11,009.97

School Bus Companion. Unskilled Worker. c 11,009.97

Customs Agent. Specialized Superior Worker. c 22,318.26

Sales Agent. Generic Skilled Worker. c 371,610.27

Bricklayer. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Automotive Preparer (Sandblaster). Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Credit Analyst. Generic Skilled Worker. e 371,610.27

Event Animator. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Flat Ironer with Steam Equipment. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Sawyer (uses motor saw). Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Legal Assistant. Generic Specialized Worker. c 421,970.02*

Medical Office Assistant. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Home Care Assistant/Elderly Care (Special Care). Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Auxiliary Customs Agent. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Accounting Assistant. Generic Skilled Worker. c 371,610.27

Dental Assistant. Specialized Worker.  C 14,381.27

Kitchen Assistant. Semi-skilled Worker. C 11.972.54

General Mechanic Assistant. Semi-skilled Worker. C 11.972.54

Construction Operator Assistant. Semi-skilled Worker. 11.972.54

Barber. Skilled Worker. c 12.289,59

Barista. Skilled Worker. C 12.289.59

Warehouse Keeper (Manager). Generic Semi-skilled Worker. c 356,329.60*

Warehouse Keeper (Laborer). Generic Unskilled Worker. c 330,299.11*

Cashier. Generic Skilled Worker. c 371,610.27

Waiter. Unskilled Worker. e 11,009.97

Press Cameraman. Specialized Superior Worker. c 22,318.26

Singer. Skilled Worker. e 12,289.59

Bartender. Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Boat Captain. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Gas cylinder and fire extinguisher loader. Semi-skilled Worker. 0 11,972.54

Meat Counter Clerk. Semi-skilled Worker. it 11,972.54

Butcher. Skilled Worker. it 12,289.59

Carpenter. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Taster. Skilled Worker. a 14,381.27

Locksmith. Skilled Worker. a 12,289.59

Plumber. Skilled Worker. e 12,289.59

Chef. Specialized Worker. C 14,381.27

Bus Checker. Unskilled Worker. it 11,009.97

Collector. Generic Semi-skilled Worker. c 356,329.60*

Cook. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Telephone Operator (long distance). Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Ambulance Driver (first aid). Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Bus Driver (not a conductor). Skilled Worker. it 12,289.59

Bus Driver (conductor). Specialized Worker. a 14,381.27

Trailer Driver. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Heavy Vehicle Driver. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Mini Bus Driver (less than 11 passengers). Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Custodian. Generic Unskilled Worker. c 330,299.11*

Private Accountant. Medium Tech

nical Education Diversified. c 389,421.08*

Private Accountant. Higher Education Diploma. c 518,330.07*

Private Accountant. Bachelor’s Degree. c 587,908.98*

Private Accountant. University Graduate. c 705,514.95*

Co-pilot (First Officer of Aviation). Specialized Superior Worker. c 22,318.26

Fabric cutter (patterns). Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Machine Piece/ Garment Seamstress. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Seamstress (Fashion Designer). Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Counter (Ticket Salesperson). Generic Skilled Worker. c 371,610.27

Dealer (Card Distributor). Unskilled Worker. e 11,009.97

Disc Jockey (Plays Records). Unskilled Worker. c 11,009.97

Demonstrator (Display). Unskilled Worker. c 11,009.97

Demonstrator-Salesperson. Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Store Clerk. Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Flight Dispatcher. Specialized Superior Worker. c 22,318.26

Graphic Arts Layout Designer. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Engineering, Architecture Draftsman. Generic Skilled Worker. c 371,610.27

Typist. Skilled Worker.c 12,289.59

Cabinetmaker. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Prospective Educator without Title. Generic Specialized Worker. c 421,970.02*

Electrician. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Electromechanic. Specialized Worker. c 14,381.27

Packer, Labeller (manual). Unskilled Worker. c 11,009.97

Counter Clerk. Semi-skilled Worker. c 11,972.54

Domestic worker. e 216,887.24*

Surveyor. Generic Semi-skilled Worker. c 356,329.60

Automotive Straightener. Skilled Worker. c 12,289.59

Inventory Scanner (hand held). Generic Semi-skilled Worker. c 356,329.60

Social media manager

(Community manager, designs final arts) . . . . TOE . . . c 14,381.27

Social media manager

(Community manager, monitors and responds) . TOSCG . c 356,329.60*

Social media manager

(Community manager, collects and interprets data) . TOC . . . c 12,289.59

Gondolier . TONC. .4 11,009.97

Guard . TOSCG . c 356,329.60*

Security Guard/Custodian of Valuables – Portavalores . TOSCG . c 371,610.27

Tour guide . TOC. . . e 12,289.59

Construction Master of Works (Maestro de Obras) TOE… c 14,381.27

Head waiter (Maitre) TOE… Q 14,381.27

Manicurist; Make-up Artist (Manicurista; Maquilladora) TOC… c 12,289.59

Massage Therapist (Masajista) TOC… c 12,289.59

Corrective Maintenance of Computers (Mantenimiento correctivo de computo) TOE… c 14,381.27

Building Maintenance (Mantenimiento de edificios) TOC… c 12,289.59

Preventive Maintenance of Computers (Mantenimiento preventivo de computo) TOC… c 12,289.59

Boiler Mechanic (Mecanico Calderas) (maintenance) TOE… c 14,381.27

General Mechanic (Mecanico General) TOC… c 12,289.59

Precision Mechanic (Mecanico Precision) TOE… c 14,381.27

Industrial Sewing Machine Mechanic (Mecanico Maquinas Coser Industrial) TOE… c14,381.27

Textile Loom Mechanic (Mecanico Maquinas de hater Telas) TOE… c 14,381.27

Messenger (Mensajero) TONCG. c 330,299.11*

Miscellaneous (Miscelaneo) TONCG. c 330,299.11*

Miscellaneous in Elderly Homes (Miscelaneo en Hogares Tercera Edad) TONC. c 11,009.97

Video Camera Monitor (Monitoreador de camaras de video) TONCG. c 356,329.60*

Forklift Operator (Montacarguista) TOSC. c 11,972.54

Housekeeper (Mucama) TONC. c 11,009.97

Nanny, except for Children’s Home (excepto Hogar del Nino) TONC. c 11,009.97

Nanny in Children’s Home (en el Hogar del Nirio) (Domestic Service) c 216,887.24*

Office Clerk (General) (Oficinista (General) TOC. C 356.329.60

Dredge Operator (Operador de Draga) TOSC. c 11,972.54

Stationary Crane Operator (Operador de Grua Estacionaria) TOE. c 14,381.27

Heavy Machinery Operator (Operador de Maquinaria Pesada) TOC. c 12,289.59

Radio-Taxi Operator (Operador de Radio-Taxi) TOC. c 12,289.59

Construction Worker (Operario en Construction) TOC. c 12,289.59

Dental Workshop Operator (Operario de Talleres Dentales) TOC. c12,289.59

Agricultural Laborer (Peon Agricola) (manual labor) 11,009.97

Agricultural Laborer (Peon Agricola) (motoguadanas, etc.) 11,972.54

Loading and Unloading Laborer (Peon de Carga y Descarga) 11,009.97

Construction Laborer (Peon de Construccion) 11,009.97

Garden Laborer (Peon de Jardin) (manual labor) 11,009.97

Garden Laborer (Peon de Jardin) (motoguadanas, etc.) 11,972.54

Boat Laborer (Peon de embarcacion) 11,009.97

Pile Driver (Pilero) (Dishwasher) 11,009.97

Automotive Painter (Pintor Automotriz) 14,381.27

Heavy Brush Painter (Pintor de Brocha Gorda) 12,289.54

Fuel Dispenser (Pistero) (dispensa combustibles) 11,972.54

Cashier (Pistero) (responsable dinero) 371,610.27

Pizza Cook (Pizzero) (Cocinar Pizzas Preparadas) 11,972.54

Computer Programmer (Programador computacion) (without degree) TOE c 14,381.27

Receptionist (Recepcionista) TOSCG. c 356,329.60

Garbage and Recycling Collector (Recolector de basura y reciclaje) TONC. Q 11,009.97

Coffee Bean Collector (Recolectores de Café Cajuela) c 1,048.29

Coyol Collector (Recolectores de Coyol) TONC. c 11,009.97

Watchmaker (Relojero) TOC. Q 12,289.59

Pastry Chef (Repostero) TOC. c 12,289.59

Sabanero TONC. c 11,009.97

Sacristan (Sacristan) TONC. c 11,009.97

Manual Waste Selector (Seleccionador manual de residuos) TONC. e 11,009.97

Waiter (Salonero) TONC. e 11,009.97

Tailor (Sastre) (Custom-Made Clothing) TOE c 14,381.27

Secretary (Secretaria) TOCG c 371,610.27*

Secretary (Secretaria) TMED c 389,421.08*

Secretary (Secretaria) DES e 518,330.07

Secretary (Secretaria) Bach. c  587,908.98*

Secretary (Secretaria) Lic. c 705,514.95*

Silkscreen Printer (Serigrafista) (does design) TOE c 14,381,27

Silkscreen Printer (Serigrafista) (prints designs) TOC c 12,289.59

Domestic Service (Servicio Domestico) c 216,887.24*

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