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When Does Costa Rica Open the Airport ?

by rpetersen

I have been getting numerous inquires about when does Costa Rica open the Airport. 

The latest information provided by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute indicates that they will open on August 1st.  HOWEVER,  they are only allowing flights from the European Union and Canada first.  The United States was excluded from the initial list.

When you do travel to Costa Rica you will need to:

  1.  Have a Covid test done in your home country and present the results prior to your flight.
  2.  Fill out the Epidemiological Survey Form
  3. Purchase a medical travel insurance policy to cover Covid.
  4. Must wear a mask on arrival and adhere to the social distancing protocol

They ICT has indicated that prior to the pandemic the airports received 522 weekly flights into the country of which 422 were into San Jose and 130 to Liberia.  This initial reopening only represents 1% of the travel that existed before the pandemic.

That is the current official announcement so we will keep you posted as things change.

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