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GPS maps for Costa Rica

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 GPS Maps For Costa Rica

If you want to use a GPS map for Costa Rica you have some options. Of course rental car companies in Costa Rica will rent you a GPS system but they tend to be expensive. Another option if you have your own device is to purchase a Costa Rica map for your device. A local company in Costa Rica called NavSat has developed and marketed a Costa Rican GPS navigation map called EZ Find. The maps work on devices sold by NavSat under the Navigator brand but also are compatible with Garmin GPS devices such as the Garmin Nuvi for example. The full version sells on their online store for $89.  The only downside here is that the map is not immediately available by download because they require the registration of your GPS device before they will e-mail you the required information to obtain the map.

Another Costa Rican company called Track It also sells a Costa Rica road navigation map which is routable and a Costa Rica topographic map which is non routable. Both are compatible with Garmin GPS devices. The road navigation version sells for $59 online and the topographic version for $39.

Also in the market is GPS Travel Maps which has a Costa Rica GPS map that is compatible with Garmin devices and which they seem to be updating every couple of months. That map sells on line for $49.95.

There is a free Costa Rica GPS map available form OSM Maps which is part of the Open Street Map Project. As well as one from the Central American Route Organization Centrut.org

Do your research to determine which map will be right for your particular needs and devices. Some of the travel forums such as Trip Advisor Cost Rica or Lonely Planet Costa Rica will have commentaries on the GPS maps that different travelers are using while in Costa Rica.






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