Getting a Drivers License

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Getting a Drivers License in Costa Rica

Getting a Drivers License in Costa Rica


The Costa Rican Government entity which is in charge of Drivers License is the Consejo de Seguridad Vial  (COSEVI) which is part of the Costa Rican Ministry of Transportation (M.O.P.T.)

The most common license type is the CLASS B license which is divided into the following subclasses:

 B1 Light Vehicles up top 4,000 Kgs.  This license also allows you to operate motorcycle and quadcycles son long as they are not driven on primary roads and the motorcycle is less than 125 cc and the quadcycle is less than 500 cc

B-2 Vehicles up to 8,000 Kgs.  These vehicles may be driven with a trailer whose combined weight may not exceed 8,000 Kgs.

 B-3 Vehicles of any weigth with the exception of semi-trailers.

For first time drivers must apply for the B1 Drivers License and provide the following supporting documentation:

    Identification Card

    Proof of passing the Basic Driving Course

    Pass the Driving Test

    Medical Certificate

If you have a valid (not expired) foreign drivers license you may apply for a Costa Rican Drivers License if you have residency in Costa Rica.  

If you are in Costa Rica as a tourist with no legal residency then you may drive in Costa Rica with your foreign drivers license up to the maximum time frame allowed for a tourist visa which is 90 days.

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