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Costa Rica Congress for 2014-2018

by rpetersen

Costa Rica held Congressional elections to elect the 57 deputies of the National Assembly for the 2014 to 2018 congressional period.  Nine political parties are represented in the current congress of Costa Rica.  Those parties are as follows:

Liberacion Nacional (National Liberation Party)

Partido Accion Ciudadana (Citizen Action Party)

Partido Frente Amplio (PFA)

Partido Unidad Social Cristiana (Christian Unity Party)

Partido Movimiento Libertario (Libertarian Movement)

Partido Renovacion Costarricense (Costa Rican Renovation Party)

Partido Accesibilidad Sin Exclusion (PASE)

Partido Alianza Democratica Cristiana (Christian Democratic Alliance)

Partido Retauracion Nacional (National Restoration Party)

The following is the percentage breakdown of the results of the 2014 congressional elections.

In Costa Rica each political party designates who will reperesent it in the Costa Rican congress.  As such in the elections the citizens vote for the particular political party that they want to represent them in Congress and then the political party has its own internal designations,  As a result the following is the list of the deputies that will serve in the Costa Rican congress for the 2014-2018 legislative period.

The Partido Liberacion Nacional (National Liberation Party) is one of the largest political parties in Costa Rica.   The previous Presidents Oscar Arias and Laura Chincilla both came fromt the National Liberation Party.   This election they did not win the Presidency but they were able to elect 18 deputies to Congress.

For the Citizen Action Party (PAC) the following deputies were elected.



The Partido Frente Amplio which in the previous election only had one congressional seat was able to elect 9 deputies in this election.  This political party represents the far left of the political scenario in Costa Rica.




The Christian Unity Party (PUSC) was at one time one of the largest political parties in Costa Rica.   Allegations of corruption and prosecution of former Presidents devastated the party in the past two elections.  The party has been able to clean house and it showed in these elections since it was able to increase the amount of deputies elected to Congress.



The Costa Rican Libertarian Party (Movimiento Libertario) had been growing in popularity as the electorate became disenchanted with the traditional mainstream political parties.  However in this past election the Libertarian Movement lost traction and ended up losing several congressional seats that it had gained in the past election.  In this election the Libertarian Movement obtained 4 congressional seats.



The remaining four political parties picked up 1 or 2 congressional seats as follows:

Partido Renovacion Costarricense



 Partido Accesibilidad Sin Exclusion (PASE)


Partido Alianza Democratica Cristiana (PADC)



Partido Restauracion Nacional (PRN)  The National Restorartion Party



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