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Milk Production and Distribution in Costa Rica

by rpetersen

Those of us that live in Costa Rica at one point or another have consumed dairy products produced by Dos Pnos.  However, many of you probably do not know that Dos Pinos is a member driven farm cooperative.  The actual name is Cooperativa de Productores de Leche R.L. and it was formed in 1948 with the mission of providing its members a way to sell their milk for a fair price and provide members with the raw materiakls and supplies necessary to improve and expand milk production in Costa Rica.  Today the company has more than 2,000 cooperative members and employees that produce over 600 products which they sell locally and export internationally.  The annual sales of the cooperative exceeds 650 million dollars.

In order to sell your milk production to Dos Pinos the farm must be approved and the farm owner must purchase membership shares in the cooperative.  The dairy farms that are approved then go through a very stringent sanitation monitoring and testing process to ensure that the farm delivers the quality of milk that complies with the standards of Dos Pinos.


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