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Foreign Legal Residents In Costa Rica

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How many foreigners are living with legal residency status in Costa Rica.  The Deparment of Immigration of Costa Rica has released statistics on the amount of foreigners that have permanent residency, temporary residency or that fall in one of the special categories of the Costa Rica Immigration law.

Nicaragua is the country that has the highest number of residents in Costa Rica.  There are 281,560 Nicaraguans with residency status in Costa Rica.   From South America we have 24,573 Colombians,  4,984 Venezuelans,  4,554 Peruvians and 2,330 Argentinians.

From North America we have 19,427 residents from the United States and 2,843 from Canada.

From Asia we have 7,040 Chinese and 2,382 from the Republic of Taiwan.  455 from Japan and 932 from South Korea.

The largest number of Europeans that have residency in Costa Rica are the Spanish with 3,068 residents followed by the Germans with 2,745 and the Italians with 2,596.    France has 1,470,  Netherlands 1,025, Switzerland 1,073.









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