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Costa Rica Will Release 4,000 Criminals within Next Five Years

The Costa Rica prison system is due to release four thousand (4,000 )ciminals within the next five years as follows:

2013    831 prisoners

2014    949 prisoners

2015   976 prisoners

2016   772  prisoners

2017   484 prisoners

In the las 20 years the rate of incarceration in Costa Rica has tripled.  In 1992 the judicial system locked up 104 per 100,000 inhabitants.  By 2013 that number was at 313 per 100,000 inhabitants.     Althought the rate in incarceration increased the amount of prison space did not.  As such the existing correctional system is overcrowded.   In additon the amount of funding to the correctional system has also been cut in recent years.

Local authorties are cocerned that without adequate opportunities for these prisoners to reinsert themselves in society will result in higher recidivism rates.

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