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$100 fine for overstaying your Tourist Visa in Costa Rica

by rpetersen

A $100 fine per month for overstaying your tourist visa in Costa Rica will be rolled out by the Department of Immigration on April 20th, 2018.

When you enter Costa Rica as a tourist you can stay for periods that range from 30 to 90 days depending on your nationality. The maximum allowed is 90 days and then you must leave the country.

If you overstay your tourist visa you are subject to deportation.   You are also subject to a fine of $100 for every month you overstay in the country. The fine will be levied at your point of exit from Costa Rica (airport or border crossing).   This fine was approved many years ago by article 3 of the Immigration Law (Law 8764) but its application had been postponed. Starting April 20th the fine will be applied.

Take notice that the fine also applies to “ those persons who have temporary residency or special residency categories who have let their residency DIMEX card expire”.

If you let your residency card expire you will be charged $100 per month for every month that passes until you renew it.

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