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Pensionado and Rentista Residency Renewal Update 2010

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For some time now the Costa Rican Department of Immigration has allowed the renewal of an immigration residency card by using the branch services of Banco de Costa Rica.   To do so the applicant simply calls the Banco de Costa Rica 900 number  (900-00-34639) to set the appointment date.  Those that set up the renewal appointment should also be aware that the Department of Immigration is requiring the following documents at the renewal appointment.

1.  Proof of Payment of Costa Rican Social Security (CCSS).   The new immigration law imposes the obligation on all residency holders to register and pay into the Costa Rican Social Security system.  The law makes proof of compliance with this obligation a pre-requisite for renewal of the immigrations status.

2.   Costa Rica Police Clearance Certificate (Hoja de Delincuencia).  This is a new requirement.  The applicant must go to the Costa Rican Investigative Police (O.I.J.) archives to request a clearance certificate.  The original must be provided at the time of renewal.

3.   Proof of Exchange of Income.  If you have the Pensionado or Rentista category you must provide proof that the funds were exchanged from dollars into Colones during the requisite time frame.  The easiest way to comply is to bring a letter from your bank certifying that the this has been done.  If not you can bring your receipts with you as well.


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