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What is the Hoja De Filiación Form in your residency application ?

by rpetersen

When you apply for residency in Costa Rica you will be required to complete an immigration cover sheet to your application known as the Hoja de Filiación

This form is theinformation  cover sheet that immigration uses for your physical file.   On that form they will have your picture and the number of the immigration file that you have been assigned during your residency processing.

The information that you must provide on the form are as follows:

  1.  Name
  2.  Last Name
  3.  Second Last Name (in Latin culture you add the maiden name of your mother)  If your country does not have that practice then leave it blank so it matches your passport.
  4. An Alias used
  5. Your Sex
  6. Nationality
  7. Place and Date of Birth
  8. Name of your father
  9. Name of your mother
  10. If the form is for a minor list the name of the legal representative
  11. If the form is for a person with a disability list the name of the Guardian
  12. You marital status
  13. The level of your education
  14. Your profession or trade
  15. The place and date you entered Costa Rica
  16. The document you used to enter Costa Rica
  17. The document / passport number
  18. The province, Canton and district where you live in Costa Rica
  19. Your exact address in Costa Rica
  20. How you want to receive your legal notices related to your immigration application.  You must ensure that you provide a good way to receive the notices.  Failure to do so will result in Immigration assuming you received it automatically within 24 hours of them sending it out.

At the end you sign accepting that all the information provided was true and accurate.


You can download the Hoja de Filiacion Form Here.

Formulario de Filiación  (Spanish Original Form)

Immigration_FiliacionForm_English Final  (English Translation)

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