Easements in Costa Rica

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Easements in Costa Rica

Easements in Costa Rica are generally regulated by the Civil Code of Costa Rica.  An easement is a right created in favor of one person or entity either by an express written agreement or by an implied agreement.

What does an easement allow you to do ?

It allows for the beneficial use of the land owned by another person.  It is always recommended that any agreed upon easement be recorded in the National Registry against the property that is granting it to ensure that it puts third parties on notice of the existence and the terms of the easement.

It is possible to acquire easement rights due to the use during an extended period of time. This is why it is very important to walk the boundaries of any property you intend to acquire to ensure that you understand any easements that may exist on the property.

Easements for utility lines

Easements can be apparent such as a road or electrical power lines and non-apparent ones such as underground water pipes or electrical lines.  If you are purchasing property whose water source is a water well or a natural spring you should make sure that your property has a validly recorded easement that allows you to access to the water sources.   The same applies for properties that have electrical power lines or underground electrical lines supply several lots within a development.   Ensure that the developer has created the property easements to each of the lots that need water and electrical services.

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