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Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection Requirement – RITEVE

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Costa Rica Vehicle Inspection Requirement at RITEVE

Every vehicle that circulates in Costa Rica is required to have a valid inspection sticker. The inspection is carried out by a private company referred to locally as RITEVE and which has inspections stations in various inspection points of Costa Rica. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that the vehicles comply with basic safety standards established by the manufacturer and with the applicable traffic regulations of Costa Rica.

Once you pass the inspection you will be issued the inspection sticker which must be attached to the windshield of your car.


You can view the different inspection stations below and obtain an appointment on the Riteve website: http://rtv.co.cr



In order to prepare for the RTV inspection you should ensure that the following is functioning properly.

Seat Belts


Windshield Washers

Windshield in good condition with no chips in the glass

Doors in working order

Speedometer working

Gas cap fitting correctly

Front and Rear Bumper property attached

License plate light is working

Brake lights are working

Turn signals are working

Headlights – low and high beam working

Muffler and Emission controls in proper condition

Tires in good condition

License plate number clearly visible.





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