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Costa Rica Education and Culture Stamp for Corporations

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Costa Rica Tax Obligations

The Education and Culture Stamp for Costa Rican corporations – what is this ? That is the most common reaction I get when I ask people if they know what the education and culture stamp is. This tax has been in effect since 1976 created by Law number 5932. Many people have ignored it since the consequences for failure to pay have been a small fine.

How is the Tax applied.

The Tax is based upon the amount of the capital stock of your corporation. As such your first step is to determine the capital amount with which your corporation was registered. Once you have the amount the amount of tax

Capital Stock up to 250,0000 ColonesTax is 750 Colones
Capital Stock from 250,000 Colones to 1,000,000 ColonesTax is 3,000 Colones
Capital Stock from 1,000,000 Colones to 2,000,000 ColonesTax is 6,000 Colones
Capital Stock above 2,000,000 ColonesTax is 9,000 Colones

Since most corporations in Costa Rica are set up with a capital stock of less than 250,000 colones the exposure for most of those are 750 Colones about US$1.50 at current rate of exchange.

How do you pay it.

The tax can be paid at any of the financial entities authorized by the revenue department to collect tax payments.  The payments are due by March 31st of each year.


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