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How is the weather and seasons in Costa Rica ?

by rpetersen

Costa Rica is a tropical country situated between 8 and 11 degrees above the equator.  It has only two seasons: summer and winter also known as the dry and green/rainy season.   The dry season with very little rain is generally between late December and April and the green or rainy season is between May through November.

Like the Southern Hemisphere, Costa Rica’s seasons are reversed relative to the U.S. and while the U.S. and Canada are going through a cold and snowy winter in December through April Costa Rica is enjoying summer. 

Temperatures vary little between seasons.   The main influence on temperature is altitude.   San José at 3,772 ft has a very nice climate all year around.   Average temperature ranges in San Jose are from 57 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit in December to 63 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit in May.  National Geographic rates it some of the best weather in the world.

The weather at the lower level along the sea level is much warmer, with the Caribbean averaging between 70°F at night and over 86°F.  The Pacific side is a few degrees warmer but less humid.

Records and Averages in the central valley in San Jose

Month  Avg. High   Avg. LowAvg. Precip.
January75.0° F     58.0° F0.60 in
February76.0° F     58.0° F0.20 in
March  79.0° F     59.0° F0.80 in
April  79.0° F     62.0° F1.80 in
May  80.0° F     62.0° F9.00 in
June  79.0° F     62.0° F9.50 in
July  77.0° F     62.0° F8.30 in
August  78.0° F     61.0° F9.50 in
September79.0° F     61.0° F12.00 in
October77.0° F     60.0° F11.80 in
November77.0° F     60.0° F5.70 in
December75.0° F     58.0° F1.60 in