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Costa Rica is the Top Retirement Destination

by rpetersen

Costa Rica is one of the top retirement destinations in the world.  The country recently hosted the fast track Costa Rica conference for International Living.  At the event over 350 attendees had the opportunity to listen to expats that are living in different parts of Costa Rica to compare their experiences.  Expats from the Central Valley, Southern Zone, Guanacaste, Arenal and the Caribbean all shared their experiences settling into retirement in Costa Rica.

According to the Annual Global Retirement Index from International Living Costa Rica ranks as the #1 retirement destination for 2018.  In the report International Living compared 25 countries in the following categories:

  • Renting in the country
  • Benefits and discounts to residents
  • Visas and residence
  • Cost of living
  • Fitting in the country
  •  Entertainment and amenities
  • Healthcare
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Development
  • Climate Governance


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