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Residential Lease

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Costa Rica Residential Lease Form

In Costa Rica the residential lease is governed by the Costa Rica Tenancy Law (Ley General de Arrendamientos Urbanos y Suburbanos).   The form below is a sample of a residential lease.


AGREEMENT BETWEEN:  JOHN DOE in his capacity as PRESIDENT with unlimited Power of Attorney of OESTE, SOCIEDAD ANONIMA  domiciled in San Jose, with corporate identity card number 3-101-104677, and TOM JONES, no second surname on account of his United States nationality, of legal age, married, teacher, resident of San Rafael de Escazú, with passport number 15345348, the first party shall hereinafter be referred to as the LESSOR and the second, jointly as the LESEE.

FIRST. Object:  The LESSOR  hereby rents and the LESSEE accepts the dwelling house which is located upon land which is  registered in the Property Section of the Public Registry as pursuant to Title Number THREE CERO CERO CERO ONE NINE which is located in Urbanización Mirador, San Rafael de Escazú. Address:

SECOND.  Possession:   The LESSEE takes possession  of the dwelling as of December 1, 2007. The LESSEE acknowledges that the property is being delivered in good condition and that all fixtures are in good working condition and agrees to return the property in the same condition as it is received. The LESSEE shall be responsible for damages which are caused other than normal use and wear.

THIRD. Inventory: The house is being provided with the fixtures, appliances, furniture, and accessories set forth in Annex “A” to this contract  and which is an integral part of this rental agreement.  The LESSEE acknowledges receipt of the items set forth in the inventory list in good working condition and agrees to return them in the same condition as they were received.

FOURTH. Use and Improvements:  The residential dwelling is to be used exclusively for residential purpose as the living quarters for the LESSEE and his family and may not be used for any other purpose.   LESSEE agrees not to assign or modify this agreement, nor to sub-let any part of the property.

FIFTH.  Utilities.  The LESSEE will be responsible for the payment of all utilities listed herein: telephone, electricity, water, and cable TV.  The prompt payment of these utilities is an integral part of this contract and failure to comply shall be sufficient cause to institute an eviction for lack of payment.

SIXTH.  Price:  The rental price is EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS due and payable in advance on the 1st of every month.   Rental payments must be made  at the domicile of the LESSOR set forth at the end of this contract.

SEVENTH. Term and Renewal.  This lease agreement is for the term of ONE YEAR commencing on the 1st  of February 1, 2017 , until  the  31st of January of 2018.  Either party may communicate to the other in writing with a SIXTY DAY prior notice to the expiration of the term set forth above their intent not to renew for an additional one year term.  Absent the notice not to renew, this contract will be automatically renewed for an additional period up to a maximum of three years.

EIGHTH. Deposit:  The LESSEE agrees to pay a deposit in the amount of $800.00   which will be retained by the LESSOR to secure full compliance with each and every clause of this agreement.   The deposit will be returned at the termination of the lease agreement provided the LESSEE  has complied with the terms of the lease and returns the dwelling in the condition it was received including proof that all utilities have been paid.  The deposit may not be applied towards the payment of rent.

NINTH. Inspection of the Property:  The LESSEE agrees to allow the LESSOR access to the property for inspection pursuant to the guidelines set forth in the “Ley General de Arrendamientos Urbanos y Suburbanos.”

TENTH: Repairs and Damages:  If the LESEE requires a repair to be done on the premises he must inform the LESSOR in writing  of the nature of the repair that needs to be done. ELEVENTH: Address for the parties:  Any communication or notice that must be made regarding this contract shall be made at the following addresses: LESSOR:  San José, twenty five meters south of Purdy. LESSEE: The house subject of this lease located in Urbanization Mirador.

Both parties agree that the following contract may be translated into Spanish and elevated to Public Instrument should the need arise.  In acceptance with each and every clause of this contract both parties sign, in duplicate, San Jose, on this FIRST day of the month of February, 2017


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