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The Costa Rica Labor Code – Law # 2

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The Labor Code of Costa Rica

The Costa Rican Labor Code has been in effect since 1943.   The Labor Code is divided into the eleven Chapters referred to as Titulos. The summary below provides you with the content of each of the Titles of the Labor Code and the particular subject matter covered by that section.  The full text of the labor code is provide below courtesy of the International Labor Organization legislation program NATLEX.

By clicking on the title number you can view the particular text for that part of the Labor Code.  All the links are to the actual code in Spanish.


Título ONE

General Dispositions

Título TWO

Labor Contracts and Labor Agreements

Título Three

The Work Week, Vacations, and Wages

Título Four

Protection of Workers during their Employment

Título Five

Social Organizations

Título Six

Conflicts and Collective Bargaining

Título Seven

Jurisdiction of Labor Laws

Título Eight

Government Institucional Workers

Título Nine

Administrative Organization

Título Ten

Statute of Limitations, Sanctions, Responsabilities

Título Eleven

Final Dispositions

You can verify any changes or modifications to Costa Rica Law at the website of the Costa Rica Legal Information System known as SINALEVI which is operated by the Office of the Attorney General of Costa Rica.

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