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International Living Fast Track Costa Rica 2016

by rpetersen

Fast Track Costa Rica ConferneceInternational Living just concluded its Fast Track Costa Rica conference.  At the conference expat and local experts share their experiences about living, retiring or working in Costa Rica.  Hundreds of attendees were present at the Costa Rica event gathering information about Costa Rica and in general looking for  an alternative life overseas.  For more than 7 years the law offices of Petersen & Philps [P Law Group] have been present at the international living conference providing legal advice to those expats that are interested in re-locating in Costa Rica.   il_conference_pic1This year Roger Petersen presented two sessions at the conference.  The first presentation was about changing your lifestyle and moving to Costa Rica and how to do so with legal residency.  The second presentation took the attendees through the real estate purchase and financing process in Costa Rica.

International Living describes its job as … “to help you discover those places, and then to help you take advantage of the opportunities they offer—opportunities to improve your quality of life…”

At the conference  6 participants were the winners of a free copy of the Legal Guide to Costa Rica which is the most comprehensive book about the Costa Rican legal system.  The book contains 17 chapters covering every possible aspect of the most common transactions you will encounter in Costa Rica.   We find that those individuals that do extensive due diligence and research about Costa Rica and also spend some time in the country are more successful at adapting to a new life in Costa Rica.   If you choose Costa Rica you should do so because you are looking for a change of lifestyle in a country that has great quality people and great weather.   If you find yourself complaining about the things that don’t work in Costa Rica then might not be happy in the country.  Understand what it is you are looking for and find a balance between your expectations and the realities of life in Costa Rica.    As Roger Petersen explained to the attendees there is no such thing as a “perfect place”.   Every country will have its pluses and minuses and it is up to each individual to decide what they are able to put up with and what they are not.   To truly enjoy Costa Rica you will have to accept the country just the way it is – defects and all. il_conference_3

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