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Who Supports small business enterprises in Costa Rica ?

by rpetersen

The backbone of the economy are small business owners and entrepreneurs.  So who supports small business enterprises in Costa Rica?

It is generally cumbersome to start a new business in Costa Rica so I was glad to see a program sponsored by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce to provide a support network for small businesses.

In Costa Rica PYMES stands for Small and Medium Size Enterprises.  A project funded by the Ministry of Economy, Commerce and Industry along with the technical training institute (Instituto Nacional de Aprendizaje) and other support agencies within the government have created the PYME support center at www.pyme.go.cr

The purpose of the website is to create a unified point that will provide all the information, tools and services that may be required by small businesses to start up and guide them through the growth and development phase of their business.

Every year the sponsor EXPO PYME which is an opportunity for small business owners to showcase their products and services at a venue which is held at the National Stadium in San Jose.   The event draws thousands of participants and brings all the government agencies and financing entities under one roof to facilitate networking for small business owners and start ups.

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