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Costa Rica Adhesion Contracts and Consumer Rights

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Costa Rica Adhesion Contracts and Consumer Rights

In Costa Rica when you are pressured into signing a contract outside of the office of the offeror you could be signing what is legally referred to as an adhesion contract.  An adhesion contract is generally defined as a contract which is drafted by the business or seller of the product and then signed by the weaker party or buyer who is pressured or does not have the power to negotiate or modify the terms or the conditions of the contract.

In Costa Rica do not sign contracts unless you fully understand what you are signing.  If you don’t understand then back off and hire an Attorney to represent you and interpret the terms and conditions of the contract

In some instance the Costa Rica Consumer Protection law will allow the weaker party to an adhesion contract the right to withdraw from the contract.  In order to so so the contract must have been signed outside of the offices of the offeror.   For example a salesman that has visited your house or hotel.  To withdraw you have 8 business days to do so by sending a letter of recession to the other party.  You must provide proof that the letter was delivered to the other party.

The Consumer Protection Commission in case number 024-10 voted in favor of a consumer that had signed a vacation time share contract.  The Consumer retracted and delivered a written notice within the time frame established by law to the seller to rescind the contract.  The Consumer Protection Commission ordered the seller to fully refund all monies collected from the consumer.

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