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Costa Rican Corporation Annual Tax

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Note:   The corporation tax discussed in this article has passed and is effective as of APRIL 1, 2012.

Read the updated article with full details of the tax here :  Costa Rica Approves Yearly Corporation Tax.

The Costa Rican Legislature is close to passing an annual corporate tax on Costa Rican corporations.

The use of Costa Rican corporations referred to locally as “S.A” has been a popular way to hold property in Costa Rica.  Part of the attraction has been the relatively low cost for maintaining the corporation. 

 If a local Attorney acted as the Resident Agent and stored your corporate documents you would pay for that service which generally ranges from $150 to $250 a year depending on the particular circumstances.  Still very reasonable when compared to other countries.

However, that all may soon come to an end.  In order to raise additional funds the Costa Rican legislature has approved a law that would create an annual corporate tax that ranges from $150 per year for “inactive” corporations to $300 per year for corporations that are active. 

According to the National Registry of Costa Rica where corporations are recorded there are 486,000 corporations recorded in the corporate section of the National Registry.  



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