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Deadline to file the D-140 form has been extended

by rpetersen

The Costa Rica Tax Department ( Tributación Directa) has extended the filing deadline for the D 140 form.

What is the D 140 ?

The D 140 is the tax registration or modification form used by the tax department to collect information about the taxpayer.  The D 140 needs to be filed to register a new corporation or an existing corporation that has never registered before.  It is also required to modify and update any contact information for the corporation.  In the past this was not required since the National Registry had oversight for collection of the annual corporation tax.  However, for 2017 collection of the annual corporation tax was assigned to the Costa Rica department of revenue and they have been implementing their own requirements.  The principal directive issued by the Department of Revenue  was to require that all companies have an updated  D-140 tax form on file before October 30, 2017.  Failure to comply could result in hefty penalties for non-filing to be imposed on the corporation.   The result of this directive was a flood of filings in the month of October which resulted in a total collapse of the ability of the tax department to handle the incoming people and forms. The process was plagued with inconsistencies from the beginning due to the lack of clear cut information about the correct version of the form and procedures that needed to be followed.   It soon became commonplace to wait 2-3 hours in line to file the form.   They have since opted to extend the filing deadline.

When do I have to Register and file the D-140 ?

The tax department has issued a resolution, No DGT-R-51-2017 0f November 6, 2017 , extending the registration period for all corporations according to the following timeline which is based on the ending numbers of the corporate identification number (número de cédula jurídica):

  1.  Corporation id numbers ending in 1 and 2 file during the month of February 2018
  2.  Those ending in 3  March of 2018
  3.  Those ending in 4  April of 2018
  4.  Those ending in 5  May of 2018
  5. Those ending in  6  June of 2018
  6. Those ending in 7  July of 2018
  7.  Those ending in 8 August of 2018
  8.  Those ending in 9  September of 2018
  9.  Those ending in 0  October of 2018


The full text of the new resolution is set forth below.


If you need information about the status of your corporation tax then checkout my video below:


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