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Costa Rica Traffic Fines



Costa Rica Traffic Fines
Costa Rica Traffic Law Violations and Fines

Costa Rica recently approved a new Traffic Law. The list below sets forth the fines which will be charged for certain traffic violations.


Traffic Offense Fine in Colones Legal Basis
Making a “U” Turn 280,000 143 (f)
Driving Using Cell Phone 94,000 145 (n)
Speeding in Excess of 120 km / hr 280,000 143 (b)
Speeding 20 km / hr above the speed limit 47,000 146 (v)
Speeding 30 km / hr above the speed limit 94,000 145 (u)
Speeding 40 km / hr above the speed limit 189,000 144 (g)
Speeding in a school zone above 25 km / hr 94,000 145 (p)
Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol 0.20 to .050 280,000 143 (a) (ii)
Running a Red Traffic Light 189,000 144 (e)
Failure to Buckle the seat belt 94,000 145 (q)
Not having the vehicle inspection up to date 17,000 147 (n)
Foreigners driving without a local license after 3 months 47,000 146 (q)
Driving with an expired vehicle registration 47,000 146 (x)
Illegal Parking
47,000 146 (n)



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