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Protest over calculation of 2016 Marchamo

by rpetersen

The Costa Rica Ministry of the Treasury released the new vechicle valuations which are the basis for the 2016 road tax known as the Marcham0.   The way the government is calculating the 2016 tax has resulted in an increase of around 20-30% for most vehicles in Costa Rica.   This increase has sparked a grass roots movement protesting the exhorbitant rise in the vehicle road tax which appears to ignore vehicle depreciation.   It seems that in Costa Rica used vehicles increase in price instead of depreciate.

This increase has enfuriated the population and a recently created Facebook page against the increased road tax already has 2,900 likes and increasing every day.  The citizens group is calling for a boycott against paying the marchamo. President Solis has decided to ignore this by leaving this matter “in the hands of the technicians at the Ministry of the Treasury”.

If you want to know how much your vehicle will pay for the Marchamo for 2016 you can visit the website of the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS) for the calculation of the marchamo.

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