Who is Coming to Costa Rica ?

by rpetersen

Who is coming to Costa Rica.   The Costa Rica Department of Costa Rica carries a tally of the entries and exits of visitors to Costa Rica by nationality.   The United States continues to be the largest group of visitors to Costa Rica.

According to the Costa Rica Tourism Institute (I.C.T.) in the first trimester of 2016 we had the following arrivals from the United States

In January 0f 2016  119,582 U.S. citizens entered Costa Rica. Followed by 123,597 in  February and 147,421 in March.  These numbers are up from the visitors in 2015 which according to the statistics provided by the Department of Immigration in the month of July 2015 there were 104,269 entries from U.S. citizens to Costa Rica. In December of the same year there were 125,770.

For the first trimester of 2015 we had 323,087 U.S. citizens entering Costa Rica and in the same trimester for 2016 we had 390,600.

Citizens from Canada are also attracted to Costa Rica. In July there were 8,875 Canadians that visited Costa Rica but by the time Winter came around the Canadian snow birds flocked to Costa Rica with 22,871 entering the country.  For the first trimester of 2016 there were 84,021 Canadians entering Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is also a popular destination for European visitors.   Visitors in the first trimester 2016 to Costa Rica came from Germany (25.016), France (23,531), Spain (14.258), Holland (7.870), Italy (9,319) and the U.K. (20.758) also make a up the list of visitors to Costa Rica. No surprise that visitors from more tan 160 countries visit Costa Rica each year.

You can see the breakdown for the months of July and December  from the department of immigration below.  Also included is the I.C.T report for 2016.

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