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Costa Rica Caja Health Insurance Payment Scale

Costa Rica requires foreign residents that are applying for residency or renewing their residency to pay into the Costa Rican social security system know as the “Caja” which is short for Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.   The obligation is to pay the health care portion of the coverage.   What are the amounts that must be paid ?   The type of insurance that is required for residency purposes would be the insurance called “asegurado voluntario” which means you are insuring yourself as opposed to having an employer provide the health coverage.

The amount that will be applied for the premium for the coverage is based on a percentage of the income that you have reported.   How they oabtain theat information depends on the local office where you are processing the insurance coverage.  You are required to apply in the jurisdiction where you live and we have seen a lot of variations in the manner it is calculated from office to office.  However there is a mandatory sliding scale that must be applied nationally.

For 2015 the amounts that must be paid are as follows:

From $343.50 to $1,060.99 5.35%
From $1,060.99 to $2,121.98 6.24%
From $2,121.98 to $3,182.97 8.02%
Above $3,182.97 10.69%

The scale is set forth below in colones as provided to us by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social

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