Calculate health care insurance premium

Costa Rica Caja Health Insurance Payment Scale

What is the health insurance payment scale used by the Costa Rican Caja system to establish the monthly public health care premium ? The Costa Rica public health care system is administered by the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS)  known locally as the “CAJA”.   T
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What are my Health Insurance Options ?

What are my Costa Rica Health Insurance options? If you intend to live in Costa Rica and are looking for health insurance options you need to understand that Costa Rica has a two-tier medical care system. On the one hand is the Public health care option known as the “Caja”
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Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp in Costa Rica

A legislative bill to legalize medical marijuana and hemp in Costa Rica has been introduced in the Costa Rican Congress. The bill sponsored by the Citizen Actions Party (PAC) legislator Marvin Atencio has been in the works for the last 2 years.   The head of the judicial affairs commi
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The Medical HealthCare System of Costa Rica

The Medical Healthcare system of Costa Rica explained.
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Medical Malpractice Costa Rica

Medical Malpractice in Costa Rica

Medical Malpractice in Costa Rica Medical malpractice in Costa Rica is handled very differently then in the the United States. The Medical tourism industry has been growing worldwide.  Costa Rica has become a very popular destination for medical tourism given the proximity to the Unit
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