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How to Get Married in Costa Rica

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So you want to get married in Costa Rica .  In Costa Rica a civil marriage ceremony can be performed by a Costa Rican Notary Public.  The Notary Public is the person that will be responsible for recording the marriage declaration in the Costa Rican Civil Registry which in turn is what makes the marriage legal in Costa Rica.

Before the Notary Public can officiate the ceremony he is required by law to compile certain documentation from both the groom and the bride as follows:

1.   A Certified Birth Certificate for each of the parties.

2.  A Certificate of current Marital Status.  This can be done by way of sworn affidavit where each of the party swears under oath that they are single.  In most cases the Notary Public handling the marriage can prepare these affidavits as well.

3. Copy of the picture page of your passport.

At the marriage ceremony you will also have to produce two witnesses to the marriage ceremony who may not be relatives to the third degree.  

When all the documentation is in place the wedding date is set and the Notary Public will be present to officialize the ceremony.  Once completed the Notary Public will record the marriage document in the Civil Registry of Costa Rica. This can be recorded manually or in some cases the Notary may be able to make a digital filing of the marriage registration.   Once recorded you can then request the Civil Registry to issue a Marriage Certification and this is the official proof that the marriage is recorded in the Costa Rican Civil Registry.




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