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Costa Rica Land in the Public Domain

by rpetersen


Costa Rica Land Which is in the Public Domain

Costa Rica Public Domain Land


In Costa Rica any land, which is deemed to be in the public domain, may not be owned by private properties.   Costa Rica grants a protection to land, which falls under the public use or domain.  This type of designation means that the land may not be encumbered, owned or embargoed.  Another important consideration is that the statute of limitations never expires for actions to take back public lands. 

The following are examples of land, which is deemed to be in the public domain:

a.    Land in the Maritime Zone

b.    Areas designated as Forestry protection

c.    Areas designated that protect the water resources of the State (generally areas near mangroves, the river banks and lakes)

d.    Areas near the Borders of the country

e.    The highways and their setbacks

f.      The railroad lines

g.    Indians Reserves

h.    Historical architectural structures

i.      Archaeological sites

Because of the protection provided by the State for Public Domain lands any actions that attempt to title these properties for private use are generally void by law.



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