Constitutional Law Information Page

The Constitution of Costa Rica The Costa Rican Constitution was passed after the revolution of 1948 –  Since then the Constitution has remained in full force and effect.  In this section you will find information about Costa Rican Constitutional Law. The Constitutional Court of
Read More Expands Call Center Operations in Costa Rica in Costa Rica has been established in Costa Rica for several years where it now operates 4 service centers in Costa Rica with more than 28,000 m2 of office space and over 2,100 employees. The Costa Rican operations of include customer service support,
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Costa Rica – US Mutual Understanding Agreement on Consumer Protection

Costa Rica – United States Memorandum of Understanding on Consumer Protection Costa Rica and the United States have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding regarding consumer protection.  The Memorandum of Understanding on Mutual Assistance in Consumer Protection Matters was
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Individual Retirement Account (IRA) in Costa Rica

Using Your Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to Purchase Property in Costa Rica   Many people are unaware that they can transfer their IRA funds to a Self Directed IRA custodian which then would allow them to invest those funds in Costa Rican real estate.   Choosing an investme
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Who is Coming to Costa Rica ?

Who is coming to Costa Rica.   The Costa Rica Department of Costa Rica carries a tally of the entries and exits of visitors to Costa Rica by nationality.   The United States continues to be the largest group of visitors to Costa Rica. According to the Costa Rica Tourism Institute (I.C
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Costa Rica Foreclosure

Mortgage Foreclosure Process in Costa Rica

What is the Mortgage Foreclosure Process in Costa Rica ? If you borrow money in Costa Rica the lender will record a mortgage on your property known as an “Hipoteca”.   If you fail to pay the mortgage lender they have the right to initiate a mortgage foreclosure process to
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Legalization of Cannabis and Hemp in Costa Rica

A legislative bill to legalize medical marijuana and hemp in Costa Rica has been introduced in the Costa Rican Congress. The bill sponsored by the Citizen Actions Party (PAC) legislator Marvin Atencio has been in the works for the last 2 years.   The head of the judicial affairs commi
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Registering a Branch of a Foreign Company in Costa Rica

Registering a branch of a foreign company in Costa Rica is possible. If you have a company registered in any jurisdiction around the world it is possible to register a branch of that foreign company in Costa Rica.  By registering a branch of the foreign corporation you are able to obt
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Jail Time Payroll Witholding

Costa Rica Payroll Witholding – Go to Jail if you don’t Pay

If you do not pay the funds withheld from your employee for Costa Rica Social Security you could end up in jail.  As an Employer it is your obligation to withhold the employee contribution to Social Security and to pay that to the Costa Rican Social Security Administration.  In Costa
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Costa Rica Mandatory Registration with Social Security For Residency

 Costa Rica Mandatory Registration with Social Security For Residency Any foreign resident in Costa Rica that wants to obtain or renew their legal resident status must provide proof that they are covered by the medical insurance system of the Costa Rica Social Security Administration
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Costa Rica Consumption Tax

Costa Rica Consumption Tax on Imports

Costa Rica imposes a Consumption Tax on a selected group of products.  The tax is levied on the products that are imported into Costa Rica.  The tax imposed can  start at 5% of the CIF (Cost+Insurance+Freight)  of the product that is imported.   The Consumption Tax is LawNo. 4961.  Li
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Costa Rica Tourism Guide 1940

Costa Rica in 1940 ?  Yes.  You are reading correctly Costa Rica in 1940 !   I recently had the opportunity to discover older books I had in storage and came across the “Costa Rica’s Guide” for 1940 which was actually published in October of 1939. At the time the population of Costa R
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