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The Civil Code of Costa Rica

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In a Civil Law country such as Costa Rica the Civil Code (Codgio Civil)  consists of the core of laws that govern the legal system such as the law of contracts, property law, personal injury, and inheritance.

The Civil Code is based on the French Napoleonic Code which was passed in 1804 after the French revolutions.   The French Code was very influential because it was adopted by many countries which had been under French rule during the era of Napoleon such as Italy and Spain.

The Costa Rican Civil Code used in Costa Rica was adopted from the Civil Code of Spain.  The Costa Rican Civil Code dates back to 1887 and there is currently sectors of the legal community that want to see some reformations and modifications of the Civil Code to bring it inline with the realities of Costa Rica today.

The Costa Rican Civil Code is divided into the following categories.

Book 1  The Law of Persons

Book 2   The Law of Things (Property)

Book 3  The Law of Obligations

Book 4  Law of Contracts.

You can view the entire content of the Costa Rican Civil Code (in Spanish) below.



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