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Injured while on vacation in Costa Rica

by rpetersen

When you book your vacation you do so with the idea of adventure and exploration. Or you may just want to relax and enjoy the scenery. The furthest thing from your mind is that you could become injured while on vacation. However it does happen and Costa Rica is no exception.   Tourists travelling to Costa Rica have been involved in trip and fall incidents, transportation accidents, criminal incidents and wrongful death.

When an injury does occur where does the inured traveler turn to when negligence from a third party is involved. The legal concept of negligence and the compensation and open evidentiary discovery system available to plaintiffs in the United States are not what the injured victim will find in Costa Rica.   Unless you can trace your injury to a connection in the United States which would give you jurisdiction to sue in the United States you will most likely resort to the Costa Rica judicial system to handle a potential claim.   Depending on the type of incident and injury sustained the claim can either proceed through the Costa Rican criminal court system or the civil law courts.

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