Shareholder Log Entry

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Costa Rica Corporation

Shareholder log entry form example.

If you own a Costa Rica corporation, Sociedad Anonima, this is an example of how the entry should be logged in the Shareholder Registry log book known as “Registro de Accionistas.   The information provided below is an example and is done in English.  For legal purposes the entries done in the shareholder registry shall be done in Spanish


ENTRY NUMBER TWO: The Secretary of this company hereby certifies that  FREDERICK SCHIMDT, no second surname on account of his German  nationality, of legal age, married once, an engineer, resident of Frankfurt, Germany and bearer of German passport number 222914 has presented for registration before this corporate officer a share certificate duly endorsed in his name for  THIRTY SHARES of stock  that were transferred to him by  LAURA RODRIGUEZ PEREZ, of legal age, married once, retired, domiciled in San José, with Costa Rican identity card number 1-000-000. The transfer of shares of COSTA RICA INTERNACIONAL, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA, is accepted free of encumbrances, pledges, liens and charges.  As of this moment the sole shareholder of the corporation is FREDERICK SCHMIDT.  San José, January 15th, 2017


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